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Legend goes: On Almighty’s directives a great upheaval took place. It changed the very shape of the then evil earth. Torrential rains flooded it. Everything submerged only Noah (the prophet of Jews, Christians and Muslims). Or Manu (as he is referred to by Hindu scriptures) and ark full of fauna braved the storms.

After seven days of this ordeal came the calm and with it the ark landed in a green picturesque valley, amidst the freshly risen Himalayas. That valley came to be known as Manuallaya, the mountain of Manu over time nothing of this beautiful valley changed except its name. Today the world refers to it as Manali, the valley of Gods.


The warm and gracious staff at Manuallaya ensures that you are well looked after. Man is a universe by himself. Vital part of the system that keeps the natural order going. Like earth , an entity, a unit by itself, suffers abuses from man and reacts with ecological imbalances, tsunamis, earthquakes, warming etc so does the human body react to the abuse that is inflicted on it. By lifestyle changes that lead to dietary, psychological, physical and emotional disorders that is when is no longer in harmony with nature and thereby loses good health, peace happiness.

Manuallaya is an effort to restore that harmony and bring back the wellness of mind, body and soul.

»Concierge services
»Travel Desk
»Laundry/ Dry Cleaning
»Private diningm
»Daily local/ national Newspapers on request
»In-room safe deposit box
»Foreign Currency exchange
»Theme Dining on request
»Shoe shine service
»Business centre
»Complimentary car parking with free lodging for drivers
»Doctor on Call

Hotel Features

When was the last time you visited a gym. Rather the last time you gave a thought to your health!

Well probably you may not remember.

Come step in to our health-club. You may not play. But simply watch. Squash. Badminton. Skating. Or even take up the table Tennis challenge. And enjoy losing carom to your little one! Tone up the health at the gymnasium. Revive. And take back the young memories!

»Indoor wooden floored squash court
»Table Tennis
»Indoor skating rink
»Board games